Products made of polystyrene foam
Various foam products.
We produce according to the order.

Polystyrene foam

Gaminami Įvairiausių formų gaminiai pagal individualų poreikį.
We produce various shapes of products according to individual needs. We produce according to your technical data, drawings, samples or information in another form that is convenient for you. All products are made of polystyrene foam blocks. The dimensions of the workpiece are 3000 × 1200 × 1000, respectively, the dimensions of the available part are within the given dimensions.
Products in this group can carry out protective, warming or other functions required for you.

The group includes:
  • Pipes for heat insulation
  • Theater and exhibition decorations
  • Oversized product safety features
  • Composite details
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Building decor

These are products that make your home more unique.
Used for interior and exterior individuality.
    The group includes:
  • Cornice
  • Window and door edges
  • Sills

Packing and protection

We believe that the first impression of the purchased item comes from the way it is packed and protected. The range of packaging and product protection products is abundant and diverse.
    The group includes:
  • Various profiles, measuring bands and slabs
  • Protective corners
  • Inserts
  • Supports
  • Clamp

Advertising and decoration

We produce logos of various complexity, volumetric letters for advertisements, ornaments for your celebrations.
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