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We provide the following services:
CNC milling
We provide CNC milling services for workpiece processing. 2D / 3D cutting with the high precision machine. We also accept individual orders according to your wishes.
The cutting process is very effective in producing many of the same products. Each product is made with an individual tool, which cuts the desired shape.
Building decor
These are products that make your home more unique. Used for interior and exterior individuality.
Non-standard products
Different forms of products are made according to individual needs. What is impossible for you is possible for us. We design and produce the required shaped products.
Packing services
We believe that the first impression of the purchased item comes from the way it is packed and protected. The range of packaging and product protection products is abundant and diverse.
Flock is a uniform short-cut textile fiber, which is injected with a special electrostatic device into glue or paints, creating a soft surface that is similar to velvet or velours.
We produce only high-quality products, we are fast and flexible
Packaging solutions for valuable items
Products made of polystyrene foam
We produce decoration, ceiling, building materials, packing materials, protective parts, banners and decorations
According to the needs of the client, we can select materials, design and produce non-standard packaging details. We will offer both eco-packaging and sophisticated packaging solutions for those who want to stand out. We can also offer unified solutions for different shapes and bulky products. We are a company that has accumulated extensive experience in producing composite materials.
We produce from EPS (polystyrene foam), XPS (extruded polystyrene), EPE (stratocell or expanded polyethylene), Cross-linked composite materials (EVA and other polyurethane compounds), antistatic composites. Also, plastics PE, ABS, PVC, Acrylic and others. We produce various forms of inserts, tabs, overlays, covers, protective details, decoration items.
Quality policy
Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services that meet our customer's requirements and expectations. We are confident that we are responsible for creating a safe and clean environment. Our professionalism, worker safety, and environmental protection are our most important task and an important goal, so we use effective technology and secure work practices.
Environmental protection
Polystyrene is a light and rigid foam that is widely used throughout the world. Polystyrene production and use does not present any risk to health or the environment, and the life cycle has far less environmental damage than other competitive substances.
Polystyrene transformation process uses very little energy and is therefore a great example of how to use natural resources efficiently.