Expanded polyethylene

Expanded polyethylene

Expanded polyethylene has a closed cellular structure, which has a major impact on its excellent properties. Polyethylene foams are water and vapor resistant, odorless, chemically neutral, with excellent insulation properties.


Foam Sheets

  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Resistant to impact and vibration during transportation.
  • Resistant to scratches and wear.
  • Excellent protection of glass products during transportation.
  • Sheet thickness according to the need.

EPE products

Expanded polyethylene has a very wide range of applications:
safe packaging, (while transporting protects fragile objects against vibration and strikes, protects the surface of the product from scratches, keeps the product in the box while heavy goods are kept on the pad).
In the construction sector (Thermal insulation of wet rooms / Sound insulation (STRATOCELL Whisper)) In industry, in production, etc.
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